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Kathleen Kennedy gives updates on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Cassian Andor, and Rise of Skywalker streaming

By Brian Silliman & Don Kaye
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Ahsoka and Maul)

The force came to the D23 Expo in a big way as Kathleen Kennedy, the head of Lucasfilm, gave updates on anything and everything happening in the galaxy far, far away.

SYFY WIRE was present at the D23 Expo and can report on the hangar bay full of reveals, which include a release date for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, some updates on the Cassian Andor series, and when we can expect Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to hit Disney+.

The Clone Wars were saved, and now we know exactly when they will be coming back. The final episodes of the beloved series will stream on Disney+ in February of 2020. Star Wars: The Clone Wars has proven to be a phenomenon that cannot and will not quit, and now we know when we'll finally (finally) see the Siege of Mandalore, a multi-episode arc that will include Ahsoka Tano, Maul, Bo-Katan, Captain Rex, and more. 

In terms of the Cassian Andor series (which takes place before Rogue One), they still don't have a title. Series stars Diego Luna (Andor) and Alan Tudyk (K-2SO) came onstage and joked around a bit, with Tudyk saying how they are gonna look "gorgeous, amazing, and young." Tudyk also put in a big to call the show K2Fast K2Furious, and we don't hate it. The series is set to start shooting in London next year.

In addition, Kennedy revealed that every single Star Wars film in existence will become available within the first year of the Disney+, and yes, that includes Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Since that film hasn't even hit theaters yet, it's unsurprising that it would be available on launch day. It will be coming eventually, however, so fans can look forward to that ... along with Cassian and K2's antics, and an Ahsoka/Maul showdown.

Fans also got their first look at The Mandalorian, and all of that was before the biggest moment of the panel. That moment would be when Ewan McGregor walked onstage, of course. Obi-Wan Kenobi is back, and that's a character we've not seen in a long time ... a long time.