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SYFY WIRE clowns

Clownado trailer will suck you into a circus nightmare vortex

By Elizabeth Rayne

Are you afraid of clowns? As in, horribly coulrophobic? You might have just clicked yourself into the vortex of doom.

Clownado will give you nightmares you didn’t even know were possible. Whatever happened in the brain of writer and director Todd Sheets when he dreamed up this movie, it spawned twisted clowns that use twisters to get revenge on humanity because... we don’t know why, but they hate us. This freak phenomenon manages to put an Elvis impersonator (already scary enough), a stripper, a truck driver, a runaway teen, and a complete rando up against demonic circus horrors.

If you’re a fan of Killer Klowns From Outer Space or Sharknado — preferably both — this is one supernatural weather forecast you need to watch out for. The one unfortunate human who senses that an oncoming storm looks evil doesn’t know how right they are.

The new trailer from Wild Eye Releasing is everything you never wanted to see in your sleep. When you see a tornado dissolve to reveal rainbow-haired faces in greasepaint that grin maniacally, you know something has gone way off. What makes them even creepier is that some of them seem to be wearing business suits. So the clowns that haunted your childhood have now merged with the stereotypical boss from hell.


Are you shrieking from raw, unmitigated terror yet?

Scream Queen Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead) faces these creatures next to Eileen Dietz, Rachel Lagen, John O'Hara, and Joel D. Wynkoop. While this is one of those scary movies that unleashes horrific things on an unsuspecting small town, just try to find any other small town that gets hit with freaky clown tornadoes. Nothing funny there.

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