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Code 8: Robbie Amell's a superpowered second-class citizen in exclusive clip

Code 8 screenshot

Robot cops, superpowers, and sci-fi drug lords... sounds like a Greatest Hits collection of genre elements from the past few decades all rolled into one. Now, thanks to Code 8, fans can get a taste of all of them within a tight 98 minutes.

A rare foray into film for Arrow star Stephen Amell, Code 8 imagines a future where superhumans are oppressed, and one empowered man (the Arrowverse's Firestorm and Amell's cousin, Robbie Amell) falls into organized crime. The feature film was Kickstarted from a popular short of the same name by the Amells, and has been teased a plenty by The CW stars.

As seen below, SYFY WIRE's exclusive clip from the film shows off some of the metahuman powers at play, used when things take a turn for the worse during a confrontation between the robo-lawmen and these supernaturally blessed second-class citizens.

Check it out:

The Jeff Chan-directed film, from Chris Paré's script, follows Robbie Amell's character, one of 4% of the world that is blessed (or cursed) with superpowered abilities. He's got a tough time of it in this world, where Justice Leagues are a pipe dream and the Avengers are more likely to be on the street than in a Stark skyscraper.

The cops specialize and adapt to keep these superpowerful impoverished in line - especially as more, like Amell's character, turn to crime. With a cop (Sung Kang) and his robots on his heels, the only way out of this life seems to be embracing the powers that put him there. Code 8 also stars Greg Bryk, Kari Matchett, and Aaron Abrams.

Fans will get a chance to see their impressive $2,426,034 IndieGoGo budget at work soon enough; Code 8 is out in theaters and On Demand Dec. 13.

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