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Trailer Reveal: New sci-fi flick 'The Colony' asks how far you'd go to ensure humanity's survival

By Nivea Serrao
Colony Trailer Still

What happens when you need to flee Earth for a distant, yet more habitable planet... only to discover that something about your new home means that no one can have children anymore? Well, that's just what The Colony is seeking to explore. 

In the upcoming movie, humankind's last hope is none other than the planet it had been forced to abandon due to cataclysmic conditions that have resulted in most of Earth being submerged underwater. The science-fiction thriller follows the story of an astronaut named Blake, herself the lone survivor of an expedition to scope out this world, only to get attacked by a bunch of violent scavengers.

However, as SYFY WIRE's exclusive trailer reveal below shows, things change when she discovers that the scavengers are still capable of having kids and that some of them are still children. Now it's a quest to see which side she'll pick — the scavengers or the people on her home planet — and all of humanity hangs in the balance. 

The Colony was written by Mariko Minoguchi (Relativity) and Tim Fehlbaum (Apocalypse) with Fehlbaum also directing the project. Roland Emmerich (Independence Day) serves as executive producer.

It stars Nora Arnezeder (Army of the Dead) as Blake, as well as Iain Glen (Game of Thrones), Sebastian Roché (Supernatural), Sarah Sofie-Boussnina (Knightfall), and Joel Basman (Hanna). 

The Colony descends on theaters and on VOD on Aug 27. You can get an exclusive look at the poster below.

Colony Poster