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Comics: Young Justice: Outsiders; Stan Lee earn DC appearances; Marvel messes with Infinity Stones

By Jacob Oller
Young Justice: Outsiders comic cover

It’s early in 2019 but comics wait for nobody. Only a few days in and the worlds of DC and Marvel are changing quickly, releasing comics that alter time and introduce iterations of heroes that’ve previously only existed on a streaming platform.

Young Justice: Outsiders, the DC Universe follow-up to the beloved Young Justice animated series, is getting its own prequel comic book. According to a release, this book will be exclusive to the subscription service, which now displays two 10-page chapters. These chapters — with more coming from series producer Greg Weisman and artist Christopher Jones — will lead up to the show’s premiere.

Check out a few pages below to get a taste of all the super-angst:

Missing media item.

Young Justice: Outsiders comic page 2

Young Justice: Outsiders comic page 3

Subscribers can read up on the Outsiders before diving into the animated show when Young Justice: Outsiders premieres on Jan. 4.

Next, in a rivalry-bridging gesture to Marvel, DC Entertainment has posted a tribute to the late Stan Lee. The memorial page, which fans can see below, will run in all DC comics released today:

DC Stan Lee Tribute

Lee died last November at age 95, leaving a lasting legacy in film and comics. Lee, while known for his comic creations at Marvel, also wrote at DC. Even corporate rivalry couldn’t keep Lee away from Batman and Superman.

Finally, in full-scale Marvel news, one of the Infinity Stones is going off the rails. Let us explain. Things have been admittedly strange with regards to the MCU-dominating stones for a while in the comic canon, as Adam Warlock released the stones on their own recognizance back in writer Gerry Duggan and artist Mike Deodato’s final issue of Infinity Wars. Now the Time Stone has popped back up in Infinity Wars: Infinity and it’s chosen one wild place to do so.

As notes, death row in a Texan prison is one of the strangest places this hyper-powerful artifact could go — though its chosen vessel (Hector, the damned inmate) really could use it. Hector becomes powerful, a time-controlling super who escapes prison and likely won’t be after the real killer who committed the crime. He’s given up on justice...and that makes one great villain. Especially once the Fraternity of Raptors figure out that he’s got a stone and request its return.

More to come on that front soon, but with the oscillating powers of the Stones in the comics, it’s not hard to anticipate some narrative hoops being jumped through once Avengers: Endgame hits theaters.