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Composer Michael Giacchino is set to direct one of the animated 'Star Trek: Short Treks' episodes

By Brian Silliman

In addition to Star Trek: Discovery, Alex Kurtzman, producer Heather Kadin, and CBS have a plethora of other Trek experiences on the way. There's not only the Picard series, a Section 31 series, and an animated series called Lower Decks — there will also be two more entries into the Short Treks series, but this time they will be animated. Alex Kurtzman recently revealed who the directors of these installments will be, and we're surprised to say the least. 

As part of a recent event at the TCAs, Kurtzman discussed the additional Short Treks episodes, which will be animated, but "different than the Lower Decks." He also revealed who will be directing them — the official Star Trek Twitter account tweeted Olatunde Osunsanmi will be the director of one, and none other than Michael Giacchino as director of the other. 

Osunsanmi is a natural choice, as he is already involved in Discovery as an executive producer and director. Giacchino, on the other hand, is someone that we did not have in mind...much to our shame. 

Though Giacchino did direct the short Monster Challenge in 2018 (starring Patton Oswalt and Ben Schwartz), he is best known as one of the greatest composers working in Hollywood today. His scores include Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Doctor Strange, The Incredibles, Incredibles 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Inside Out, and Coco. He won an Emmy for his work on the TV show Lost, he's won three Grammys (two for Up, and one for Ratatouille), and also won an Oscar for Up.

Not only that, but he served as composer for Star Trek, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond. Though these films are all in the alternate "Kelvin Timeline" and are not a part of what Kurtzman and company are doing in the Prime Timeline, it still counts as huge Trek cred — his music for all three of those films is one of the strongest parts of them. 

He's already a beloved composer, so perhaps it's time to add "beloved director" to his resume. Having composed several scores for Pixar, he's no stranger to animation...and we've already mentioned that he's no stranger to Trek.

It's safe to say fans will be very curious about how this latest round of Star Trek: Short Treks turns out. In the meantime, we can look forward to Giacchino's music in the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home