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Watch Conan O'Brien salute Peter Mayhew and get quizzed by Mark Hamill at Comic-Con

By Matthew Jackson
Conan Peter Mayhew tribute

This weekend marks the first San Diego Comic-Con since the passing of Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in the Star Wars franchise and became a fixture of the convention circuit in the decades since the original Star Wars film was released. We've already seen tributes to Mayhew pouring in everywhere, from Twitter to the grand opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, but because it's Comic-Con weekend, Conan O'Brien wanted to make sure he'd get at least one more.

At the Friday night version of his annual "ConanCon" series of shows from San Diego, O'Brien said he wanted to give Mayhew "the sendoff he deserves," and thought it would be fitting to do that in the form of "something that can only happen here at Comic-Con." So, the fine people at Conan went to the Comic-Con show floor and rounded up 21 different Wookiee cosplayers, and asked them to come to the taping of the show for a "21 Wookiee Salute." The result was tall Wookiees, short Wookiees, young Wookiees, old Wookiees, and even hot pink Wookiees flocking to the Conan stage to roar in unison in honor of Mayhew. Check it out:

That wasn't the end of Conan's Star Wars fun Friday, though. He also brought out the legendary Mark Hamill, who's in San Diego to promote Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, to administer the official "Comic-Con Citizenship Test," a bit that's become a Conan-Con tradition featuring everyone from J.J. Abrams to Jamie Lee Curtis. It's mostly an excuse to make a bunch of nerd puns, but it's worth it to watch O'Brien lose his cool as he tries to make a bad Star Wars joke with Hamill watching. 

"ConanCon 2019" will conclude Saturday night with a visit from the cast of Amazon's Carnival Row. SDCC runs through Sunday.

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