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SYFY WIRE San Diego Comic-Con

Coolest SDCC 2023 Exclusives We Want: From Spielberg Action Figures to Halloween Funko Masks

From Steven Spielberg action figures and "Peaches" prints, here are the exclusives and collectibles we have to have at this years San Diego Comic-Con!

By Tara Bennett
A collage featuring SDCC 2023 exclusive merch

It's San Diego Comic-Con week and collectibles will be one of the big draws at the pop culture mega-event opening Wednesday and running through the weekend at the San Diego Convention Center. On the main show floor, booths are filled to the gills with every kind of merchandise from high-end maquettes, to affordable prop replicas, bespoke enamel pins, limited edition prints, action figures and more for every wing of fandom (even the sports nuts).

Tons of retailers, from large scale companies to independent creators, use SDCC to release limited edition items that are sometime exclusive to the event or can also be ordered online if you aren't attending (and are quick enough to catch the limited runs).

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SYFY WIRE has been curating those aisles for years and we've put together some our favorite items coming to the 2023 edition of SDCC. But buyers beware: jump on anything you like quickly because most of the more coveted items sell out fast!

Mattel's Jurassic Park: The Hammond Collection Steven Spielberg Figure

Steven Spielberg Jurassic Park Figurine

This Mattel exclusive action figure has us asking why hasn't there been an entire action figure line of Spielberg working on his blockbusters? Money on the table until now with this figure celebrating Jurassic Park's 30th this year. The full set includes the director, a director’s chair, camera, and a Dilophosaurus, all nestled within a life-size cardboard replica of the Jurassic Park clapperboard. Available on-site at San Diego Comic-Con via lottery, or online starting Friday, July 21 at 9am PT.

Con Rangers Exclusive 2023 Con Patches

Con Rangers

If you've been to SDCC, then you know there's a myriad of things attendees face every single day that feel like insurmountable achievements. The Con Rangers understand, and honor, those daily wins with their exclusive SDCC themed badges curated to capture some of the experiences that can only be found at Nerd Prom, as we like to call it. Their official guide book and this year's patches are available at Booth #1336 or their website

Yesterday's SDCC 2023 Pin

Yesterdays SDCC 2023 Pin

For enamel pin collectors, Yesterdays creates an annual exclusive pin commemorating SDCC. This year, you can grab it Booth #1028 or select online exclusive on their website

Hot Wheels RacerVerse Marvel 2-Pack

Hot Wheels Racerverse

We blame watching all season of Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge for our current grabby hands when it comes to these little cars. Featuring Iron Man vs Thanos, this two-pack will available for $40 on-site at San Diego Comic-Con through via lottery, or online starting Friday, July 21 at 9am PT

Super7 SDCC Godzilla


Listen, when the show floor is teeming with attendees and you can barely move from booth to booth, who hasn't dreamed of Godzilla appearing as your crunchy crowd control? Super7 totally understands and created this 7” scale San Diego Comic-Con edition of Godzilla available at Booth #2543 or their website.

100% Soft Dumpster Fire Mech

Dumpster Fire

Indie artist Truck remains one of our favs and he's got a whole list of official Marvel Emoji pins, a She-Hulk K.E.V.I.N.(Knowledge Enhanced Visual Interconnectivity Nexus) figure and these awesome mech versions of his highly collectible Dumpster Fire figures. Mecha Dumpster Fire DF-79, debuts at San Diego Comic-Con 2023 and leftovers will be available via his website. Mecha Dumpster Fire DF-209 will be at Booth #1335.

Chris Maze "Peaches" Print

Peaches 5x5 Print

"Peaches," Bowser's ode to Princess Peach, remains the song of the year and gets the album cover treatment by artist Chris Maze. For those who can't make it to his Booth #2103, follow his Instagram for how to get his art. 

Mondo Line Art Logan

X-Men's Logan (Wolverine) Figurine

An actual SDCC '23 online exclusive, Mondo's Logan from X-Men: The Animated Series is 1/6 scale and rendered with the animation coloring style of the series. It's an edition size of 1,500 and is expected to ship in January 2024.

WYP Neopets Pins

Neopets Lanyard and Pins

What's Your Passion Jewelry has partnered with UCC Distributing for a NeoPets Blind Box Collection. There will be twelve NeoPets pins, with a rare chase pin. You can find them at Booth #5613, with more NeoPet collections at Booth #1129. Check out any online pins at their website.

Artist Priscilla Wilson Soonay Figure


The SDCC con floor is filled with amazing, original vinyl art from some of the best makers in the business. We're suckers for anything that glows in the dark like artist Priscilla Wilson's Soonay figure which will go fast from Booth #4721. Check out her shop for anything available online

Shout! Studio Farscape Buttons

Farscape buttons

Shout! Studio has a selection of classic TV swag including these Farscape buttons. Never enough Farscape swag! Find it all at Booth #4118, and catch up on the series streaming now on Peacock.

Peanuts Snoopy Camping Tote

Snoopy Tote

Every year, SDCC welcomes new official Snoopy merch that has a different theme for the big show. It's Camp Snoopy and there's a great collection of shirts, plush and tote bags featuring Snoopy, Woodstock and the Peanuts kids having fun out in nature. There is an official pop-up located offsite at 200 J. Street, Suite 105. Hours are Thursday, July 20 – Sunday, July 23 from 10am-6pm daily.

Michael Myers Pop! Masks 

Halloween II Mask

Disguise is a costume company and they're partnered with Funko to produce this Michael Myers Funko Pop! Mask which is limited to 1000 pieces. Available at Booth #1233, grab this and your Halloween costume is set. 

Skybound Clementine Hat

The Walking Dead Clementine Hat

Players of The Walking Dead video game better run to the Skybound Booth #3735 for this super cool and super subtle hat that Clementine wore in the game. The booth will host lots of signing with comic book talent and offer anniversary items for Invincible and The Walking Dead

Factory Entertainment Back to the Future Keychain

Back to the Future Keychain

Factory Enterainment is going big with Back to the Future and Jurassic Park this year. You can see the whole lineup at Booth #2743 or pre-order online. And if you buy on the floor, they can ship your purchases. 

NECA Creature from the Black Lagoon

Creature from the Black Lagoon

NECA loves the classic Universal Monsters and continue to come up with amazing action figures that celebrate them. This year, it's this glow-in-the-dark Creature from the Black Lagoon. Available at Booth #3545 or for pre-order online at their shop. 

Hallmark Luna Lovegood Ornament

Luna Lovegood

Hallmark is a fixture at SDCC with their line of pop-culture merch and beloved ornaments. This year Harry Potter's Luna Lovegood is an exclusive available at Booth #1505. Only available at the booth, get there early to grab our favorite spacey wizard hero.

For the full San Diego Comic-Con schedule, head to Comic-Con International's website.