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SYFY WIRE The Lost Boys

Frog Brothers Corey Feldman & Jamison Newlander reunite for more Lost Boys hijinks

By Josh Weiss
The Lost Boys

Vampires and other ghouls beware! The Frog Brothers are back to fight the supernatural forces of darkness. Bloody Disgusting has confirmed that Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander will be reprising their famous Lost Boys roles in a new, Ghost Hunters-esque reality series: "Corey & Jamison’s Real Frog Adventures." Feldman will debut the first episode on his YouTube channel this Thursday (Oct. 22) at 9:30 p.m. EST right after the Child USA Awards. New installments are scheduled to premiere every four days until the finale on Halloween (Saturday, Oct. 31).

"Although Jamison and Corey both know the sorrow and emptiness that comes with losing a brother on the field, in this exciting, entertaining and fun miniseries, the two are combing their vampire hunting skills and sensitivity towards the spiritual world, with some good old fashioned technology," reads the official synopsis provided by BD. "The 'brothers' will travel to Pennsylvania to investigate the Farrington House/Inn from the Civil War era. There, they will team up with a Ghost busting hunter and retrace every step of his discovery to find out if ghosts really do exist."

Watch the teaser trailer below:

Feldman and Newlander came together as the Frog Bros. last fall for a cameo in an Ekho music video.

"I do love Edgar Frog. Edgar Frog is certainly one of my favorites, because it was for me crossing a bridge as an actor. There's a thing that they do in the studio system where they fight you expanding from who you are. In other words, they want you to play as close to yourself as you are, because that's why they cast you, because they want you as your type," Feldman told SYFY WIRE over the summer. "But then you, as an actor, you want to expand because you don't want to just play yourself, you want to play these great performances, you want to do these great characters, these ideas… so it's always this kind of tug of war creatively. So for me, Edgar Frog was great, because it was like Joel Schumacher did the exact opposite. He gave me rein. He was like, 'Here you go, here's what I want, go create this character for me."

A TV show based on the '80s classic is currently in the works at The CW. Following several script delays, production once again hit a snag in the form of the COVID-19 delay. Its future remains uncertain at this time, but we do know that it is set to bring the Frog siblings back as the Frog Sisters. Speaking with SYFY WIRE over the summer, musician G Tom Mac (who is writing songs for the series) described them as "really cool" and having "a very girl power factor going on with them." Mac is also working on a Lost Boys musical for Broadway, another project that's stuck in limbo.

Lost Boys director Joel Schumacher passed away in late July at the age of 80. He was remembered by fans, Feldman, and the oiled-up sax man, Tim Cappello. The movie's cinematographer, Michael Chapman, died last month.