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Exclusive: 'Could You Survive the Movies' myth-busts Back to the Future survival rate

By Josh Weiss
Michael J. Fox Back to the Future

Imagine if MythBusters only tackled the science and conundrums of genre films like Back to the Future and Ghostbusters. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, YouTube thought the same thing when it ordered Could You Survive the Movies, an upcoming series that "tests the magic of cinema."

Hosted and produced by Jake Roper of Vsauce 3 fame, CYSTM (dropping next week) will whisk you off "on an immersive journey into the world of a different movie to answer the series titled question – 'could you survive?'" reads the official description. "From the jungles of Jumanji, to the vastness of space in Alien, you are transported into the movies filled with mind-blowing experiments like what would happen if you actually jumped in a DeLorean and went back in time?"

We've got your exclusive first look at the show's Back to the Future episode, which breaks down all of the inaccuracies with Doc Brown's clock-tower-based plan to send Marty McFly back to 1985 via a bolt of lightning. After all, it is the only thing beyond stolen plutonium that's capable of generating 1.21 giagawatts.

Watch below:

The series is a logical extension of Roper's Vsauce 3 channel, which has accrued over three million subscribers by taking a look at the science behind pop culture icons like Godzilla, Ant-Man, Captain America, Pokémon, and the X-Men. Through the use of relatable storytelling, clever cinematic trickery, and lots of special guests (from The Muppets to Bill Nye), Roper is a YouTuber who makes learning fun and accessible for everyone.

"It's basically a Vsauce 3 episode, but blown up to the nth degree," he said in a featurette highlighting CYSTM's Mad Max pilot episode last October. "It's gonna be insane. We have explosions, shrapnel, people strapped to the front of cars, burning pig flesh, cars flipping, and so much more to find out if you could survive Mad Max: Fury Road."

They're really pulling out all the stops for this show, folks!

Could You Survive the Movies? will stream for free on the YouTube/Learning and Vsauce 3 channels starting Monday, Oct 21. You can watch the trailer right here.