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Exclusive: 'Countdown' to terror with this new, un-deletable clip from horror flick

By Jacob Oller

Countdown, the Final Destination-esque riff about an app that can (and will) tell you the exact time of your demise, is slowly ticking away the hours until it arrives in theaters. Quinn (Elizabeth Lail) foolishly downloaded the app and is now trying desperately to beat the clock...which happens to be a very brief timeline for her. Now writer/director Justin Dec's horror film is giving fans even more to look forward to beyond the movie's first trailer.

The plodding march of death comes for everyone, but things tend to get a bit more frightening than inevitable in the world of Countdown. SYFY WIRE has an exclusive spooky clip from the film showcasing the app's persistence and its effects outside of its small glowing screen.

Take a look:

That jump scare always works. It works much better than smashing the phone did, at least. No matter the technology, the app keeps on ticking down - and Quinn's life keeps getting scarier as it approaches its end. The film will also showcase the deaths of at least some of its large cast, which includes Jordan Calloway, P.J. Byrne, Lana McKissack, Tom Segura, Anne Winters, Peter Facinelli, Charlie McDermott, Talitha Eliana Bateman, Austin Zajur, Tichina Arnold, and John Bishop.

On top of all that big screen creepiness, there's some real-life strangeness going on, too. A real Countdown app has been created by a horror fan and downloaded over 6 million times — because anticipating death is the ultimate millennial hobby.

Countdown has also released an excellent new poster from artist Randy Ortiz. Check out its macabre goodness below:

Countdown poster

The countdown to Countdown ends when the film hits theaters on Oct. 25.