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Countdown channels Final Destination with app that predicts your death in first trailer

By Josh Weiss

With the prevalence of "smart" technology in today's world, the horror genre is adapting to explore our greatest fears about what would happen if our phones, computers, and digital assistants turned nasty like a rabid dog.

In the first trailer for STX Entertainment's Countdown (released to coincide with Friday the 13th today), a smartphone app begins to predict the deaths of those unfortunate enough to download it, placing a fresh and modern twist on the Final Destination format of the early-to-mid 2000s. That comparison is further underscored by the casting of P.J. Byrne (Rampage), who starred in the fifth installment of that particular franchise. Another interesting bit of casting comes in the form of Tom Segura, a well-known comedian in his first-ever horror role.

Written and directed by Justin Dec (Instant Family), Countdown also seems to incorporate a supernatural element into its narrative with the app users being stalked and harassed by some sort of dark entity that feels reminiscent of Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell. Oh, and throw some of Andrew Niccol's In Time into the mix for added flavor.

Watch the trailer below:

The main character of the film is Quinn (Elizabeth Lail), a young nurse who desparately tries to figure out a way to beat the app's deadly conclusion. Hopefully, we end up getting a cool explanation of where the lethal thing is being developed. Has Satan set up his own technological start-up company in Silicon Valley? Maybe!

Lail is joined by Jordan Calloway, Lana McKissack, Anne Winters, Peter Facinelli, Charlie McDermott, Talitha Eliana Bateman, Austin Zajur, Tichina Arnold, and John Bishop.

Coincidence or not, the first trailer comes just a few weeks after the report of a blood test that can predict how much time you have left to live.

Here's the teaser poster for the film as well:

Countdown teaser poster

Countdown counts its remaining moments in theaters everywhere Friday, Oct. 25.