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Crossing Swords cast arms up for Season 2 with jokes, bleeps, and Lawrence of Arabia

By Vanessa Armstrong
Crossing Swords

Those already familiar with Crossing Swords — an adult stop-motion animated series produced by the folks behind Robot Chicken — will likely never look at toys shaped like peg people the same way again. The show, which focuses on the young squire Patrick (Nicholas Hoult) trying to make his way in a castle full of NSFW situations, had a hit first season, and has already been renewed for a second season on Hulu.

When the second season will come out remains unclear, but that didn’t stop the cast and creative team from getting together for a Comic-Con@Home panel that aired Friday evening. The virtual event was a raucous one, and the mood on the panel was similar to the show: fast-paced, rowdy, and full of bleeped-out words.

Moderator Scott Mantz did his best to wrangle the panelists, who included Crossing Swords creators John Harvatine IV and Tom Root, as well as cast members Adam Ray ("Ruben"), Tara Strong ("Coral"), Seth Green ("Blinkerquartz"), Alanna Ubach ("Queen Tulip"), Adam Pally ("Broth"), and Yvette Nicole Brown ("Sgt. Meghan").

You can find the entire panel in all its glory here:

Even though the jokes were flying, the participants were also complimentary to each other’s work on the show, including how their peg characters are portrayed. Brown, for example, was appreciative that her peg toy character, Sgt. Meghan, sported her trademark hair bun; while Alanna Ubach, who voices Queen Tulip, said she loved that her character is what the offspring of a love child between Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, and Madeline Kahn would be.

And while Nicholas Hoult — the actor who voices Patrick — was unable to make the event, the panelists gave him an out-of-sync shoutout, while Root shared how Hoult secured the role of the show’s protagonist.

“He didn’t know that it was going to be an American character, and I guess he hadn’t done an American voice in years, and we sprung it on him,” Root recalls. “Because we’re American, we figure all British people have American accents in their back pockets, because that’s how the world works, but he had no time to prepare it. And I think because he had no time to prepare, what came out of him was this very halting, vulnerable sounding character…and it sounded kind of sweet, and that became Patrick almost immediately.”

In addition to jokes and kind words for one another, the panel also shared some behind-the-scenes images of the mini-sets used to create the medieval world in which the show takes place. At the end of the event, Root and Harvatine also teased some things we can expect to see in Season 2.

“We will be playing with some knights,” Harvatine said enigmatically. “We're making them look a little more shiny.”

“The one thing we wanted to get in there was Broth and Patrick on camelback doing the Lawrence of Arabia shot, the famous desert shot,” Root added. “We’re definitely going to wedge that in somewhere.”

Those who want to watch or re-watch the first season of Crossing Swords can currently do so on Hulu.

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