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The stars of The CW’s 4400 reboot rap the show’s premise, talk representation at NYCC ahead of series premiere

By James Comtois
The CW 4400

The cast of 4400 treated fans to a rap they created for The CW’s upcoming series during its virtual panel at New York Comic Con on Saturday. In 4400, which is based on the 2004 sci-fi series The 4400 by Scott Peters and Renee Echevarria, thousands of overlooked, undervalued and marginalized people who vanished without a trace over the last 100 years are instantly returned with no memory of what happened to them.

After showrunners Ariana Jackson and Sunil Nayar led a discussion with the cast about the upcoming series, Jaye Ladymore and Brittany Adebumola led a rendition of a song called “we the FoFo,” which gives folks a good idea of the premise for the show. Sample lyrics: “We the FoFo / Comin through the do’ do’ / Fallin’ from the sky to the flo’ flo’ / Who brought us here we don’t know-know.” 

The song certainly conveyed a strong sense of unity with the cast, who expressed their pride and excitement of the upcoming show during the panel. 

“The show sort of highlights a lot of different characters that I have never seen on TV before," said Joseph Davis-Jones, who plays Jharrel Mateo, native Detroiter from the present day. "And a lot of them are people that I know in my life and I’ve seen, and they’ve never had that representation on screen. And I feel like it’s about time.”

Fellow cast member Ireon Roach admitted sci-fi is a genre outside of her personal wheelhouse, but said she was excited for people who might identify with her “see a piece of science fiction that really easily bleeds into a world that we all live in.” 

“I’ve never seen sci-fi with this much melanin,” said TL Thompson, who plays Andre Davis, a character transplanted from the 1920s to the present day.

Thompson also revealed about 4400 is that it addresses the coronavirus pandemic “but it’s not a pandemic show.” 

4400 premieres Monday, Oct. 25 on The CW.

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