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SYFY WIRE Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon’s new animated series 'Krapopolis' is taking NFTs to Mount Olympus

By Vanessa Armstrong
Dan Harmon

We already knew that Rick and Morty's Dan Harmon is creating an animated comedy series at Fox that focuses on ancient Greek mythology. What we didn’t know before today, however, is that the show now has a name, and that name is Krapopolis.

Fox Entertainment announced the name during their upfront presentation today (via Deadline), and shared an additional piece of news about the series — Krapopolis will also sell a bunch of show-related krap on the blockchain.  

What digital wares will be available for crypto-purchase? According to the report, Fox-owned Bento Box Entertainment is not only producing the show, but will also curate and sell a variety of kraptastic goods including NFTs of GIFs and character/background art, as well as virtual tokens that give purchasers access to different social experiences.

Wondering what the heck an NFT or the blockchain is? Join the club! In very simple terms, an NFT (or non-fungible token, if you’re not into acronyms) is a unique digital asset that can be pretty much anything, from a simple GIF, to Magic The Gathering playing cards, to fine art. People buy NFTs with cryptocurrency (bitcoin is the best known one, though there are many others), and the blockchain is basically a ledger that tracks who owns what NFT.

Many artists and creators are viewing NFTs as a new way to get money for their art, and Hollywood is dipping its toes into the market. Kevin Smith is selling his next movie as an NFT, for example, and the Krapopolis storefront is Fox Entertainment’s first foray into the space.

Krapopolis is also Fox Entertainment’s first fully owned and financed scripted series, after the company formed in 2019 following 21st Century Fox's acquisition by Disney. According to an earlier statement from the company, the show is said to focus on "a flawed family of humans, gods, and monsters that tries to run one of the world’s first cities without killing each other."

Before Krapopolis, Harmon co-created with Justin Roiland the very popular Rick and Morty animated series for Adult Swim. That series is still going strong, and received an unprecedented 70-episode order in 2018. Harmon is going solo with Krapopolis, however, and the show is currently expected to premiere some time in 2022.