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SYFY WIRE The Dark Crystal

Take a virtual tour through the Center for Puppetry's exhibit on The Dark Crystal

By Jacob Oller

Fans stuck at home may not be satisfied venturing into a fantasy world simply through their imaginations while binging through yet another genre show. But what about a virtual tour that took them into the world and behind the scenes of its physical creation? That’s what’s being offered by Atlanta’s Center for Puppetry Arts, which is taking fans through its special exhibit: Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal: World of Myth and Magic.

The lush fantasy world started by the 1982 film and expanded by last year’s Netflix prequel series, Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, has only intrigued fans more and more since it began cultivating its cult audience decades ago. Led by Museum Director Jill Nash Malool, the tour is far briefer than the in-game trip through Animal Crossing’s museum (for example), clocking in at only five minutes. But during the ride, fans can check out plenty of puppets and props up close and personal.

Take a look:

Pausing the screen during some of the different sections allows fans to peruse the descriptive sections recounting the lore and production details of the objects in the exhibit. There are even prototypes showing how far the incredible physical effectwork came over the life of the franchise.

The puppets for all these characters are already impressive, but hearing the enthusiasm of a puppet expert only makes them easier to appreciate. And with the world coming to a standstill as the coronavirus has everyone indoors, this tour is like a window to the outside world. The exhibit runs through the end of June (though the Center is still closed for now, and accepting donations), but fans can dive headfirst into Henson’s world by watching Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance now on Netflix.