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Hitch a heroic ride to Hell in Dark Horse Books' The Art of Doom Eternal

By Jeff Spry
Doom Hero

Long before Master Chief and the pop culture hurricane known as Halo invaded the universe, id Software's Doom and its rowdy space marines took the planet by force way back in 1993, when it easily became that year's must-have first-person sci-fi shooter for PC. After three sequels on multiple platforms, a cheese-tastic live-action feature film from 2005 starring the Rock, and last year's sequel, Doom: Annihilation, the incredibly popular property remains one of the best-loved and oft-imitated in the industry.

Now with the world still reeling from its demonic Martian creatures and Union Aerospace Corporation conspiracies, a direct sequel to 2016's Doom reboot called Doom Eternal, developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks, is slated to be launched on March 20.

To capitalize on the game's resurgent interest and massive marketing campaign, Dark Horse Books is inviting you to go to Hell and back with its lavish new oversized art book titled The Art of Doom Eternal — and SYFY WIRE is delivering an exclusive four-page first look inside its insane contents.

Art of Doom

Burning into our atmosphere on March 25 as a companion piece to the game's release, Dark Horse's 192-page concept art edition explores the galaxy of art and exhaustive development process of this hotly-anticipated sequel.

Inside, avid gamers will discover an immersive realm of hardcore sci-fi invention, saturating readers with the hellish invasion of Earth, the cultist UAC facilities, Night Sentinels, the ancient race of beast-like machines known as the Doom Slayers, and countless never-seen destinations in the Doom Universe, including the Slayer's own home world.

This vivid volume also spotlights the Doom Slayer's brand-new Praetor suit and his wicked arsenal of weapons, all fully rendered in precise detail straight from the official files of the game's artists.

Editor Ian Tucker considers The Art of Doom Eternal to be a celebration of the immense talent and dedicated effort behind the creation of the newest entry in the most iconic shooter franchise ever.

"As a child of the '80s and ‘90s, Doom represented a paradigm shift in how I experienced video games," he tells SYFY WIRE. "I’d grown up enjoying puzzle games and side-scrollers and the occasional dungeon crawler, but Doom was something altogether different. The first-person perspective positioned me at the center of the action, and the dangerous and exotic setting was thrilling to traverse. The weapons were each uniquely exciting to discover and use. The monsters were terrifying and impressive. My mom hated it. I was hooked, and I still am."

Doom Slayer

"Doom has always been a heavy metal meat grinder choked with guns, guts, and ghouls," Tucker adds. "It’s grotesque, thrilling, and awesome. Doom Eternal carries that legacy and charges forward with it like an insatiable rampaging space marine. It was an honor to work on this book alongside the talented teams at id, Bethesda, and Dark Horse, and I hope readers enjoy it as much as I have.”

Doom Slice

Strap in for an exclusive look at Dark Horse Books' The Art of Doom Eternal in the full gallery below, then tell us your best Doom memories in the comments as you eagerly await the game's arrival and this essential guide to its creation in March.