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SYFY WIRE Stranger Things

Dustin battles bullies at Camp Know Where in Stranger Things: Science Camp #1

By Jeff Spry
st hero

Summer might be slowly winding down, but there's still time for one last adventurous outing as Dark Horse Comics heads into the woods with a fresh new pine-scented tale, Stranger Things: Science Camp. The miniseries debuts at the end of September, but SYFY WIRE has cooked up an exclusive preview to trek into this holiday weekend.

With filming for Netflix's Stranger Things Season 4 on hold during the ongoing pandemic crisis, there's strong hope that production will start back up possibly as early as later this month. Until then, here's an ideal way to stave off the long wait for the next chapter of the smash sci-fi horror series by hanging out with that cap-wearing, nougat-loving rascal from Hawkins ... Dustin Henderson (portrayed on the show by Gaten Matarazzo).


Stranger Things: Science Camp is written by Jody Houser (Doctor Who, Stranger Things: Into The Fire), with pencils courtesy of Edgar Salazar (League of Legends: Zed), and finished off by colorist Marissa Louise and inker Keith Champagne. A series of striking retro-style covers by Kyle Lambert completes the package.

st cover

The Friday the 13th-flavored plotline picks up as Dustin arrives for a session at Camp Know Where, where he'll navigate the complexities of a new social pecking order without the friendship or support of his Hawkins adventuring buddies. While also faced with a tribe of nerdy bullies, an evil threat haunts the budding scientists and camp counselors.

A strange figure with sinister intent arrives to disrupt the summer camp's serene woodland scene. While this problem's solution might not be in the same league as the dreaded Demogorgon or Mindflayer, Dustin still must get on the same wavelength as his fellow campers before tensions rise to a boiling point.

st slice

"Stranger Things: Summer Camp sees Dustin on a solo adventure as he attends Camp Knowhere," Houser tells SYFY WIRE. "Not only will he meet a certain girl named Suzie, but he and the rest of the camp will face a mystery that could have murderous implications..."

Now pack your pudding cup and head into our exclusive peek at Dark Horse Comics' Stranger Things: Science Camp #1 in the full gallery below.

Stranger Things: Science Camp debuts its premiere issue Sept. 30.