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SYFY WIRE David Lynch

David Lynch's daily weather reports continue to be the only thing helping us keep the days straight during the pandemic

By Jacob Oller
David Lynch Weather Report

David Lynch wouldn't be a household name for arthouse enthusiasts if he wasn't committed to his bits. The experimental and surreal filmmaker injects uncompromised strangeness into all his work — ranging from Eraserhead to Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me to, yes, Dune — but it's not his movies that are bringing fans comfort during 2020's coronavirus pandemic: it's his weather reports.

Posting daily since May 11, Lynch has been updating audiences on the weather in Los Angeles thanks to short videos on his YouTube channel, DAVID LYNCH THEATER. The videos, which range from under 30 seconds to a little over two-and-a-half minutes, give temperature, cloud coverage, and the date. And they're strangely normal, which makes them awesomely odd.

Here, for example, is the report for today, July 31:

It's a wonderful treat to get a brief update on anything from one of the U.S.'s greatest filmmakers, but an update on something as mundane as the weather is deliciously perfect. It's better that these videos are almost all normal, brief, and uneventful. Fans get a lovely salutation, temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius, and hopes for "blue skies and golden sunshine" — all while spending an intimate minute with a living legend in his workshop. The amusing consistency of L.A.'s weather only makes the videos more predictable and reliable.

Then you get something like June 2, where Lynch doesn't appear in the video at all:

Some theorize that this is Lynch showing support for Blackout Tuesday, which was an attempt to draw attention to the police killing of George Floyd. Others figured it was just Lynch being Lynch. The former theory seems more likely, considering Lynch performed the June 3 update with a Black Lives Matter protest sign in the background.

The longest weather update, June 6, involved Lynch talking about the anniversary of WWII's D-Day — and a dream he had where he was killed in Normandy as a 16-year-old Nazi soldier:

Lights out, indeed. The Verge points out that these videos continue a tradition Lynch started back in the mid-'00s, when he would give similar updates from the same workshop:

If it's good enough for Laura Dern, it's good enough to replace fans' calendars and morning TV weather report — even if they don't live in L.A.

David Lynch's next weather update will presumably be found tomorrow on his YouTube channel here.