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SYFY WIRE David Tennant

David Tennant reveals he’d like to beam up to the Star Trek franchise, thanks to George Takei

By James Comtois
David tennant christmas invasin

Oh, for sure beam him up.

David Tennant –– the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who, Kilgrave from Jessica Jones, Barty Crouch Jr. from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire –– has just revealed that he’d love to boldly go to yet another beloved franchise. 

The Scottish actor and podcaster recently revealed in a Reddit Ask Me Anything that he would absolutely love to once again travel among the stars. This time, trading in his TARDIS for a starship with warp drive. Or at least, in a galaxy in which the United Federation of Planets exists. 

When asked if there was a franchise that he “would love to cross off” his acting “bucket list,” Tennant replied: “Star Trek would be great. After talking to George Takei for the podcast I’ve got a bit immersed in it.” 

The podcast Tennant is referring to is the one the he hosts, David Tennant Does A Podcast With...., though the episode in which the former Who star interviews the former Trek star has yet to air.

Considering that the Borg was inspired by The Doctor’s nemeses the Cybermen (indeed, the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode that introduced them was called “Q Who”), it absolutely makes sense that the former Doctor would trade in his sonic screwdriver for a Starfleet-issued communicator. 

And by the look of the responses from Reddit, not only do folks seem really into the idea of Tennant joining the Star Trek universe (not surprising), they also seem to love the idea of him taking on the role of Q, originally played by John de Lancie in TNG. But we here at SYFY WIRE would be thrilled to see Tennant take on any role within the Trek universe, from an emotionless Vulcan to a cranky Klingon to a quirky yet intense Starfleet admiral. Seriously, we're not picky. Make this happen, CBS: All Access!


Anyway, Tennant also noted that, after playing Kilgrave for the Netflix Marvel series Jessica Jones, he’d also be “very happy play whoever DC suggest[s]” if given the opportunity to play in the DC Universe. 

Tennant played The Doctor in Doctor Who for three series and nine specials from 2005 to 2010, succeeding Christopher Eccleston and preceding Matt Smith in the role.

He also gave one huge tease that could either mean something very juicy...or just a sign of wishful thinking. When asked what his “favorite moment or interaction when working” with Neil Gaiman (since Tennant played the demon Crowley in the Gaiman-penned miniseries Good Omens), he said: “Oh it's still to come. Stay tuned...”

Oh, you cheeky little devil!