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SYFY WIRE Day of the Dead

Zombies aren't this sleepy town's only killer problem in exclusive clip from SYFY's 'Day of the Dead'

By John Albinson

The wait is almost over, zombie hunters. SYFY’s new original series, Day of the Dead, inspired by George A. Romero’s iconic body of work, premieres on Oct. 15, and we have a creepy-crawly new teaser for you before the big day.

In this unsettling clip that seemingly takes place before the undead invasion, we are introduced to Mayor Nicole Bowman (Miranda Frigon), who is running for re-election in the ill-fated town of Mawinhaken. “I was born here. Raised here. And God willing, I will die here — but hopefully not anytime soon!” she ominously quips to an audience of townspeople who are probably going to get eaten by zombies in the very near future. We learn that the town is the site of a fracking operation run by the mysterious Cleargenix company. Could this be the reason the dead begin to rise? Does the mayor have good intentions or bad intentions? There are so many unanswered questions, our brains are beginning to feel like mush (but don’t tell any hungry zombies that).

“Everybody has a big day not knowing that the dead are also planning a big day and they’re going to ruin everyone else’s day,” co-showrunner Scott Thomas told SYFY during a Comic-Con@Home panel in July.

We all know that zombies and small towns go together like vampires and castles, so you won’t want to miss this gut-spilling premiere when it hits SYFY on Friday, Oct. 15 at 10/9c.

Day of the Dead