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SYFY WIRE Deadpool 2

Morena Baccarin reveals why 'Deadpool 2' changed its ending, the latest on 'Deadpool 3'

Sometimes, fan outrage can be a good thing. 

By Phil Pirrello
Deadpool2 Twoshot

Deadpool 2 famously incurred some "hey, wait a minute" reactions from fans during its initial theatrical run, when they learned that Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), Wade Wilson's fiancée, was going to be "fridged"/killed. That problematic narrative trope, of killing off a female love interest in service of a male's storyline moving forward, led to some backlash for the R-rated sequel.

It also helped change the movie's ending. 

SYFY WIRE had a chance to talk to Baccarin while she was promoting her new NBC series, The Endgame, and she revealed that in the original script, her character's fate was sealed. And that there was no last-minute time travel stuff from Ryan Reynolds' Wade to undo it. Until she received word from Deadpool 2's director that they were making a post-credit tweak.

"I feel like I got a call from David Leitch one day," Baccarin recalls, "and he was just like: 'You know, your [scenes] with Ryan are testing so well in this movie, and people are getting so upset [online] that she's dead, so we're gonna have to leave the door open for her to possibly come back.'"

Enter Wade Wilson, Quantum Leap-er. (If you watch the end-credits scenes closely, it looks like Baccarin was absent from the reshoots and they only shot new bits with Reynolds.)

With Vanessa seemingly still alive in Wade's violent and funny corner of the Marvel Universe, that begs the question: Has Baccarin received another phone call yet about appearing in Deadpool 3?

"I haven't gotten that phone call yet," Baccarin says. "But maybe soon." 

Fingers crossed that call happens. 

Deadpool 3, this time directed by Shawn Levy (The Adam Project), is currently still being written by Reynolds and the original Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

The Endgame airs Tuesday nights on NBC. (Like NBC, SYFY and SYFY WIRE are also owned by Comcast.)