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SYFY WIRE Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool 2's Ryan Reynolds literally delivered coffee to land that secret A-list cameo

By Jacob Oller

Deadpool 2 has a lot of secrets, a lot of cameos, and a surprising number of secret cameos. So when one in particular meant that Ryan Reynolds would have to swallow whatever pride was left after hawking everything from tequila to frozen dinners, of course he went along with the plan.

So who was it? And what sort of intern/production assistant hazing/labor did Reynolds have to undergo so that they’d say yes? Well, a Yahoo Entertainment interview with screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick has some answers for us.

SPOILER WARNING: This story contains plot details for Deadpool 2 and silly details about who in the world was actually in the movie. If you want to experience it fresh, wait until you’ve seen the movie to read ahead.

So Ryan Reynolds was Juggernaut, Matt Damon was a prosthetically augmented redneck, and Brad Pitt was the Vanisher. But only the latter had an impish request of the superhero film’s star/executive producer/co-writer. According to Reese, “He said, ‘I want a hand-delivered Starbucks coffee from Ryan Reynolds himself.'” Deadpool 2 director David Leitch followed up with the exact order, saying he thought it was “a double-wet cappuccino.”

However, though Reynolds was game, Pitt was mostly razzing the star. “On the day, Ryan delivered it, and Brad had kind of forgotten about it,” Reese said. “He gets this coffee and goes, ‘Oh my God. I forgot I asked for that.'”

Pitt, who also worked for scale on the movie (meaning taking the minimum allowable fee for a Screen Actors Guild member instead of what his movie star presence would usually command), did his brief work for the same kind of fun that Damon did when he appeared in Thor: Ragnarok. Though, when you have an opportunity to do a power play like that on a fellow star, it has to be hard to pass up.