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The Orbital team can't trust anyone in exclusive clip from latest episode of NBC's Debris

By Nivea Serrao
NBC's Debris Episode 12 Still

All season long, the Debris team has been searching for answers about what it is the titular fallen pieces of alien spacecraft seem to be doing and just what their purpose might be? However, with the season finale of the NBC science fiction series quickly approaching, and the search for that "game-changing" piece of Debris currently still going on, it looks like Finola and Bryan (played Riann Steele and Jonathan Tucker) might finally getting some answers on those fronts. 

But as this exclusive preview from tonight's episode quickly reveals, neither agent can trust Orbital — the transatlantic partnership between the CIA and MI-6 — or their respective agencies when it comes to the higher purpose of the Debris, or the power they wield. After all, it wasn't too long ago that the CIA ordered Bryan (via his handler, Maddox) to kill Finola's father George Jones. And, as recent events have proven, the older agent still wants that. 

George's quest aside, this penultimate episode sees Bryan and Finola get called into the Orbital warehouse to investigate the pieces of Debris that seem to be breaking loose from their storage cases only to undergo a mysterious process that may have something to do with the game-changing piece itself. Though unless George gets all his memories back, they might not discover what its purpose is until it's too late. However, this episode sees him get warmer in his search. 

Showrunner series creator J.H. Wyman (Fringe) had previously teased that fans won't be seeing the alien spaceship on the show just yet, and that it's actually a parallel of sorts for Bryan and Finola's current relationship as the duo continue to investigate the occurrences caused by the debris and try to foil Influx's plans for all of it as well.

"It’s just gonna take time," teased Wyman. "Expect the unexpected. This is just the beginning, and things are going to change in ways that you won’t understand until you see them." 

However, following the reality-altering events of the last two episodes, as well as Bryan and Finola's growing trust in each other, it may not be a long shot to rule that out just yet. 

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