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Disney's Descendants get animated for a royal wedding and a final goodbye

By Justin Carter
Cameron Boyce

Disney Channel's Descendants franchise is officially tying the knot.

An upcoming animated special dubbed Descendants: The Royal Wedding will find the kids of various Disney villains return for the special occasion of seeing Maleficent's daughter Mal (future Powerpuff Girl Dove Cameron) and King Ben (Mitchell Hope) get hitched. 

"A million moments led to this, where bride and groom will share a kiss," narrates Mal in the teaser below. The romance between her and Ben came to a head at the end of 2019's Descendants 3 when the pair became engaged, with Mal declaring that she wants to be Queen of both the Isle of the Lost and the United States of Auradon, bridging the two worlds. 

In a statement to People, Disney's chief creative officer of branded TV, Gary Marsh, said that the franchise "introduced a fantasy world of stories and characters, anchored in Disney mythology." Since its 2015 debut, the series has become one of Disney Channel's biggest franchises.

With how common it can be for stories to end with a wedding, fear not: Marsh says that Royal Wedding will be the bridge to "a new chapter of compelling Descendants stories and characters yet to come."

The original cast across the Descendants trilogy is all expected to return, from Booboo Stewart and Sofia Carson as Jay and Evie, respective children of Jafar and the Evil Queen, to Cheyenne Jackson as Mal's father Hades. 

Royal Wedding is also expected to serve as a sendoff for Cruella de Vil's son, Carlos, played by Cameron Boyce. Boyce passed away in 2019 shortly before the release of Descendants 3, and the animated special will honor the late actor's memory. 

Descendants: The Royal Wedding will arrive on Disney Channel this summer.