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Despicable Me 4 Trailer Debuts Super-Powered Mega Minions to The World

Despicable Me 4's Maxime Le Mal is no ordinary villain and it'll take no ordinary Minions to take him down. Introducing the Mega Minions. 

Gru and the Minions are back in the latest trailer for Illumination’s Despicable Me 4, which not only gives viewers a look at the newest villain to challenge them but debuts the super-powered Mega Minions for the first time. 

The trailer includes the typical chaotic Minion mayhem to kick things off before quickly offering audiences a sneak peek at a delightful romp through a grocery store where Lucy (Kristen Wiig) has to get creative with her shopping cart to help her and Gru’s kids escape their latest foe.

That’s when fans are introduced to Maxime Le Mal (Will Ferrell) and Valentina (Sofia Vergara). Like Gru, he’s a high-concept villain who clearly has a lot of high-tech gadgets designed to do his evil bidding (even if he struggles to keep them fueled). Somehow, it’s up to Gru and his Minions to take this newcomer down like so many baddies that came before him. However, this time the average Minion won’t do it. 

Silas Ramsbottom (Steve Coogan) reveals he’s coming out of retirement to get volunteer (otherwise known as the most easily tricked) Minions to test out a “super serum” that will help them beat Le Mal. 

“You will be the first to test our super serum, designed to transform you into cutting-edge agents,” he tells the five unlucky Minions as they enter science-y-looking chambers. “Or, you might just explode.” 

They don’t. 

A Scene from Despicable Me 4.

Instead, they emerge from the chambers with a variety of superpowers. That’s right, we’ve got the first-ever Mega Minions and they’re just as chaotic and clumsy as ever. One has the perfunctory super strength, another seems to be made of stone with a powerful appetite, one can fly and one can shoot a laser beam from his eye… all the way through the planet and out the other side.

Suddenly Le Mal doesn’t seem like the planet’s biggest threat, but he is nonetheless. 

As for what this bout between the new villain, the Mega Minions and Gru will entail and who will come out on top — fans will just have to get to the theater this summer when Despicable Me 4 comes out to see how it all comes together. 

Despicable Me 4 hits theaters on July 3. Catch up on past movies on Peacock.

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