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Despite 'Mrs. Davis' role, David Arquette isn't all that worried about AI overlords

"I try not to worry about too much of it," Arquette said when asked about the prospect of an AI takeover.

By Gina Salamone
David Arquette as Monty in Mrs. Davis Episode 106

Sure, the powerful artificial intelligence force known as Mrs. Davis looms large in Peacock's new sci-fi series that's named for it — but that doesn't mean star David Arquette is running scared in real life. The Scream fan favorite — who plays Montgomery Abbott, the dad of main character Sister Simone, on Mrs. Davis — isn't about to turn off all of his devices just yet.

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"I don't know, it's one of those things where it's let's see what happens, which is kind of crazy, but there seems to be a lot of that going on in the world," Arquette told when asked where he stands on the debate of AI being beneficial vs. the threat of it ruling over mankind. "I try not to worry about too much of it, because you can go down rabbit holes of worry in general being a parent. You really have to surrender to, let's just protect my kids, as a blanket thing out there. But who knows?

"AI is really powerful in this show," Arquette added. "It's eliminated all the other social medias and search engines, so now it's just Mrs. Davis. She can kind of control and speak through a proxy to different people. And then Simone, Betty Gilpin's character, goes on this quest to sort of hopefully — if she wins this quest she's on — she will be able to turn off Mrs. Davis. But it all links these wild worlds with magicians, rodeo, and all this crazy action and comedy and big, big set pieces. It's really kind of a spectacle to watch."

Mrs. Davis, created by Tara Hernandez and Damon Lindelof, centers on the controlling AI force and Sister Simone, the nun trying to take it down. The comedy/drama also stars Jake McDorman as Simone's ex-boyfriend Wiley, and Andy McQueen as Simone's husband, Jay/Jesus.

Episode 2 of Mrs. Davis gave us a glimpse into Simone's backstory, when she was just a kid known as Lizzie, and her life in Reno, Nevada in 2001 when she was helping out her magician parents. She would pretend to be an audience member, complete with a set of fake parents, and help her real mom and dad out with tricks.

You can stream Mrs. Davis now on Peacock.