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SYFY WIRE Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Latest Detective Pikachu trailer reveals Psyduck, foot massages, and the lightning tail

By Brian Silliman
Pikachu's lightning tail (Detective Pikachu)

It's a question you've probably asked yourself millions of times: How would Detective Pikachu and Psyduck get along if they were cooped up in the back seat of a little car? Well, if foot massages are involved, it turns out that they'll do just fine.

That and more is revealed in this latest trailer for Pokémon Detective Pikachu, a movie that brings the furry detective and the rest of his menagerie of little pals to the big screen in live action. Previous trailers have given us plenty of glimpses of the title character, as well as plenty of zingers from Ryan Reynolds, who is providing his voice — but this is the first we're seeing of Psyduck, who really only has one thing to say: his own name. Groot is hiring lawyers as we speak.

Take a look at the new trailer right here:

Usually referred to as “the duck Pokémon” and often used for gags, Psyduck is a powerful psychic with a chronic headache whose appearance is used to make enemies think it weak. And apparently his feet hurt too.

Aside from Psyduck, the trailer also gives us a clearer look at Kathryn Newton (who will play reporter Lucy Stevens). It also gives us our first real look at Pikachu's signature move of shooting lightning out of his tail. A previous trailer showed him dashing along like a bolt of lightning, but this one showcases the iconic wind-up, with the little guy's behind raised high in the air.

It looks like this movie and the audiences that watch it will have a very good chance of being "happy together." Besides Reynolds and Newton, the film stars Justice Smith as Tim Goodman, as well as Ken Watanabe, Chris Geere, and Suki Waterhouse.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu takes the case on May 9.