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SYFY WIRE Monkey Man

Dev Patel Goes Full John Wick Through a Kitchen Bar in Bloody, Brutal Scene from Monkey Man

Monkey Man is almost here, and we've got another taste of Dev Patel in action.

By Matthew Jackson

While it pulls from a wide range of influences, including Hindu mythology and Dev Patel's own childhood interests, Monkey Man is, first and foremost, an action movie. Patel, who makes his directorial debut with the film, has made it very clear that the revenge thriller is a love letter to action cinema around the world, from the John Wick franchise to his personal favorite Korean action films. 

That means that audiences going to see Monkey Man this weekend should be ready for action, and they're going to get it. For proof, just check out the latest clip from the upcoming film. 

Titled simply "Bar Fight," the new clip is a sort of hybrid straight-up chunk of footage from the film and trailer, mingling moments from throughout the revenge epic with a single thrilling sequences in which Kid (Patel) infiltrates and attacks a bar where the elite of his city go to drink and plot their continued dominance away from the prying eyes of the lower classes. Here, he finds heavy resistance, but he's also gets some unexpected and welcome help. 

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Dev Patel Fights His Way Through a Bar in New Monkey Man Clip

It's just a glimpse, but "Bar Fight" does offer a very good look at the kind of controlled chaos that comes from Monkey Man's action sequences, as Kid's relentless fighting spirit takes him through opponent after opponent, using everything in his path to his advantage along the way. It's all part of the young man's quest to get justice for his late mother, who was killed during an attack on their village by corrupt government agents years earlier. 

Directed, starring, and co-written by Patel, and produced by Jordan PeeleMonkey Man has emerged as a labor of love that Patel fought hard to complete, even breaking bones along the way. Its debut at SXSW, where it won the festival's Audience Award, has made it one of the year's most-anticipated films, and now audiences are just days away from seeing for themselves what all the hype has been about.

Monkey Man is in theaters Friday. Get tickets at Fandango.