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From theme park events to Marvel and Star Wars: Here's what's coming on Disney+ Day this Friday

The House of Mouse's streaming service has even more to offer this week as it celebrates two years.

By Matthew Jackson
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

This Friday marks what The Walt Disney Company has dubbed "Disney+ Day," a celebration of the streaming platform's second anniversary which will include the launches of several major titles on the service, including Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, a new Home Alone revival, and more. Now, Disney has announced even more additions to the event, including various theme park perks, subscription discounts, and even more streaming content, ahead of Friday's celebration. 

It all begins today with things like 99-cent ebook sales from Disney Publishing Worldwide (which will continue through November 17), discounts on Disney products at stores like WizKids, and a series of ads running across various Disney-owned networks that will spotlight what celebrities ranging from Anthony Anderson to Peyton Manning to Kat Dennings are streaming on Disney+. You may have already seen Disney+ branding circulating across things like ESPN and Hulu, but it's about to ramp up, because Friday is when Disney drops a massive new cache of content in an effort to keep driving subscribers to the relatively young platform?

New on Disney+ to stream

What content? Well, among the marquee selections is the streaming premiere of Shang-Chi, which hit theaters over Labor Day weekend as one of the first major Disney releases of the pandemic era to get a theatrical-exclusive release. Now, fans who didn't make it to theaters will see it for the first time, while fans who did make it to theaters will get the opportunity to rewatch as much as they like, along with a new making-of special debuting Friday on Disney+. Plus, even if you've already seen Shang-Chi several times, IMAX has sweetened the experience by partnering with Disney for "IMAX Enhanced on Disney+," a new feature that allows home viewers to view Shang-Chi and several other MCU films (including Iron ManGuardians of the GalaxyAvengers: Endgame and more) in the IMAX expanded aspect ratio, giving a wider view of the frame at home for the first time. 

Other new arrivals on Friday include Home Sweet Home Alone (a reboot of the Home Alone franchise), Tangled Ever AfterCiao Alberto (a spinoff of Pixar's Luca), Olaf PresentsFrozen Fever, and a documentary titled Under the Helmet: The Legacy of Boba Fett, which will prepare fans for the premiere of The Book of Boba Fett in December. Speaking of preparing for big streaming premieres, the day will also feature the launch of Marvel Studios Legends: Hawkeye, which will revisit the character's key moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ahead of his self-titled series launch later this month. 

In-person surprises

But Disney's not just keeping this celebration online. If you've got a ticket to a Disney theme park on Friday and you're a Disney+ subscriber, you'll be able to enjoy special perks during your visit, including the ability to enter the park 30 minutes before its official opening time, free photos at various attractions, character moments, and more. If you're not hitting a Disney park this weekend, but you live in a major city, you can also be on the lookout for Disney+-themed pop-up activations at surprise locations, or just head to your local Target, where Disney-themed pop-ups will be happening at 800 stores this weekend. Or, you can head to the movies at your local AMC, which will host surprise Disney movie screenings at 200 of its theaters this weekend at the cost of $5 each. 

Streaming reveals and first looks

Or, you can just stay home and watch Disney+, which will not only be filling up with new shows and movies this weekend, but will also play host to some exclusive launches tied directly to Disney+ itself. Beginning at 6:00 am PT on Friday the official Disney+ social media will begin dropping exclusive clips, trailers, and other announcements for upcoming content, followed by specials centered on Pixar Animation Studios and Marvel Studios, which will arrive on the Disney+ platform itself at 8:00 am Pacific and 8:45 am Pacific, respectively. 

Don't have Disney+? Well, that's where you're also in luck this weekend, and Disney has dropped a special offer for new subscribers that'll get you one month on the platform for just $1.99. In some ways, that's actually the core promotion amid this entire smorgasbord of new content, new discounts, new events, and more. Even when Disney+ launched back in November of 2019 with The Mandalorian as its flagship series, we expected it to be come a major hub for the House of Mouse and its massive roster of content. Now, with more than a year of pandemic living behind us, Disney clearly sees the streamer as they key to its future, a pivot point around which everything else can move. That's why Disney+ Day has become something this massive, and if you're so inclined, you can definitely take advantage this weekend. 

We'll have more coverage of Disney+ Day announcements and launches arriving on Friday.