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New Disney cruise ship includes bar for Star Wars fans to hang out in galaxy far, far away (without their kids)

By Vanessa Armstrong

The Disney Wish, the newest Disney cruise ship, is getting its own Star Wars bar, and like most bars (and unlike many things Disney), this one is adults-only.

The high-end, immersive bar is called Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge. As the name suggests, it takes place on a party ship in the Star Wars universe, where guests jump to different locations (and time periods!) while sampling different drinks from planets like Tatooine, Batuu, Mustafar, and Endor.

In an interview with, Danny Handke, Senior Creative Director of Disney Imagineering, shared why he wanted to create a Star Wars experience just for adults. “We always talked about the fact that kids get to immerse themselves in Star Wars,” Handke said. “But as a grownup, and a parent, I’m jealous that I don’t have my own space on the ship where I can immerse myself in Star Wars, since Star Wars is multi-generational. So we pitched the idea, ‘What if we did a lounge that’s for grownups only at night? It becomes an adult playground for the world of Star Wars.’ And everyone just loved that idea.”

Adult Star Wars fans everywhere most likely love the idea too, given the popularity of Oga’s Cantina, the first official Star Wars bar found at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Oga’s is more of a casual, pub-like place, a haunt where guests can swig back a Fuzzy Tauntaun or a White Wampa Ale. The Hyperspace Lounge, however, will be a more sophisticated take on a Star Wars drinking establishment — it was inspired by Canto Bight and Dryden Vos’ ship from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Each night, grown-up guests on the Wish can sit in the Lounge, have grown-up conversations, and drink grown-up drinks while they travel across space and time in the Star Wars universe via the bar viewport, a widescreen seven-pane “window” to the outside. “Each sequence is almost like a mini-storyline that plays out,” Handke explained, describing the different locations the viewport “travels” to. “You’ll see iconic ships, you’ll see really cool things happen. ILM adds so much eye candy and they take it to a whole other level for us, which is so awesome. They work in all sorts of Easter eggs and little details.”

Guests can knock one back in the Hyperspace Lounge while traveling through the Star Wars universe when the Disney Wish sets sail in Summer 2022.