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Disney's Pocahontas is historically inaccurate but potentially inspiring

By Dany Roth

Disney's 1995 animated film, Pocahontas, based on the real life person, Pocahontas, has, and we won't deviate from the common wisdom here, not aged well. But for someone growing up with Disney's Pocahontas, there's maybe an unintended value to the film's failings.

For today's very historically accurate episode of Every Day Animation, host of the YouTube series Nella Explains a Thing and co-host of the Apocalist Book Club podcast Antonella Inserra weighs in on why Disney's Pocahontas actually did her some accidental good. 

Yes, though Pocahontas notably and inevitably fell short of the mark of historical accuracy, a sweet, baby Nella Inserra was nonetheless very excited about the film's release. Pocahontas may have not been accurate, but it's very inaccuracies could be, and were, inspirations for a child to want to know what really happened.

This episode of Every Day Animation is a telling of what Pocahontas tried to do, why it failed, and how it turned one little girl towards an interest in archaeology.

On tomorrow's episode of Every Day Animation I'll be joined by author of comics like Livewire, Submerged, and The Wilds, Vita Ayala. We'll be discussing that classic story about lesbians turning into cars, Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie. So, if you're watching along, get ready for a strange, wonderful, queer journey full of rose gardens, fights to the death, and existentialism. We'll see you tomorrow.

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