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The Fire Realm awaits in Season 3 trailer for Peacock's kid-friendly 'Dragons: The Nine Realms'

New season, new realm for the Dragon Riders to explore coming to Peacock and Hulu.

By Matthew Jackson
Tom, Thunder, D'Angelo, and Plowhorn from Dragons: The Nine Realms

It's been just three months since Season 2 of Dragons: The Nine Realms wrapped up its adventures on Peacock, but the Dragon Riders are already on their way back. Season 3 of The Nine Realms is almost here, and the trailer for the next round of episodes is setting up a whole new realm to explore. 

Set more than a millennium after the events of the ever-popular How to Train Your Dragon movie series, The Nine Realms follows a group of modern-day Dragon Riders as they explore a strange geological anomaly that's opened up in the Earth, allowing them to explore hidden realms and realize that the dragons of old were much more than just a legend. While a group known as ICARIS explores the anomaly on the adult side of things, a group of kids dig a little deeper when they realize they can form bonds with the dragons inside, and set out to explore the various realms the Hidden World opens to them. Each episode of the series brings with it new dragons, new threats, and new mysteries to unravel. 

This time around, the Dragon Rider gang is out to explore the Fire Realm, a dangerous new world full of even more dragons and secrets. Plus, the mysterious "Lightning Bird" is out there somewhere, the villainous Buzzsaw wants it, and the kids will have to figure out what it all means before things get much worse. It's all in a day's work for a Dragon Rider.

Check out the Season 3 trailer below:

With a cast that includes Jeremy Shada, Julia Stiles, Haley Joel Osment, Marcus Scribner, Aimee Garcia, Ashley Liao, Lauren Tom, Keston John, Justina Machado and D’arcy Carden, Dragons: The Nine Realms returns Aug. 18 with a round of new episodes arriving simultaneously on Peacock and Hulu.