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'Dragons: The Nine Realms' unleashes the fiery Bubble Horns in exclusive clip from Season 2

Season 2 of Dragons: The Nine Realms is now streaming on Peacock.

By Josh Weiss
A still from DRAGONS: THE NINE REALMS Season 2

Things heat up (and we mean that quite literally) in an exclusive clip from Season 2 of DreamWorks' Dragons: The Nine Realms on Peacock. It's never a dull moment for the show's young heroes who find themselves under attack from a collection of ornery Bubble Horns out for revenge. The ensuing battle proves that sometimes you have to fight fire with ice. George R.R. Martin knows what we're talking about!

In Season 2, the eggheads behind Project ICARIS plan to venture further into the depths of the fissure containing the last of the world's dragons, posing a serious threat to the mission of the Dragon Riders. At the same time, Jun (Ashley Liao), D’Angelo (Marcus Scribner), and Alex (Aimee Garcia) grow increasingly suspicious of the solo quests undertaken by Tom (Jeremy Shada) and Thunder. Here's the thing, though: Tom has Viking blood, and as such, enjoys a mysterious connection with dragons.

Check out the clip below:

The Nine Realms takes place a little over a millennium after the events of the How to Train Your Dragon films. Dragons are now considered to be a total myth by humans of the modern world until a geological anomaly opens up a fissure in the Earth's crust, unleashing the scaly, winged creatures after all this time. However, the only people who know the full truth are a group of kids brought to the fissure site by their scientist parents, who have been tasked with studying the strange occurrence (the aforementioned Project ICARIS).

"We sat down and we started discussing how to keep the same heartbeat, and the same soul of the franchise that we all love so much, but move it forward in the timeline, one of the things that moving it forward does for us is that it allows us to play with issues and themes that maybe weren't as important to Vikings, like environmental issues or animal rights issues, so we enjoyed that playground, and we enjoyed bringing modern kids, and introducing them to timeless dragons," showrunner/executive producer John Tellegen explained to Collider in January.

Julia Stiles (Olivia Kullersen), Lauren Tom (May Wong), Keston John (Philip Baker), Pavar Snipe (Angela Baker), Justina Machado (Carla Gonzalez), Angelique Cabral (Hazel Gonzalez), D’Arcy Carden (Linda), Carrie Keranen (Wilma Sledkin), and guest star Haley Joel Osment (Buzzsaw) round out the cast for Season 2.

Chuck Austen and Henry Gilroy are also executive producers, with Beth Sleven occupying the role of supervising producer.

Season 2 of Dragons: The Nine Realms is now streaming on Peacock.