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DreamWorks Animation's Monsters vs. Aliens deserves better

By Dany Roth
monsters vs aliens

2009 was the year that 3D re-emerged on the silver screen in a way which guaranteed that most big-budget action films would utilize the format from that time forward. The movie that made it happen was James Cameron's Avatar. But earlier that year, DreamWorks Animation also took the formal plunge into IMAX 3D.

There is a very good chance you do not remember Monsters vs. Aliens (2009). Unlike most DreamWorks films, it was not a spin-off, it did not birth a minimum of three sequels, and it has nary a meme to its name. However, in retrospect, Monsters vs. Aliens deserves to be remembered at least as much as Jack Black as a panda or Jerry Seinfeld as a bee.

Imagine if you will, Oscar award winning actress, Reese Witherspoon, playing a giant woman with white hair. She dates Paul Rudd (who is a weather man), she's friends with Seth Rogen (who is a blob), Hugh Laurie (who is an insect), and Will Arnett (who steals women from the beach, just like in real life). She fights an evil alien Rainn Wilson. Stephen Colbert is the president.

This is a real movie that really got made! How did this goofy pastiche of late 1950s horror fade into obscurity when there are six (SIX!) entries in the Madagascar ouvre? The answer is that Madagascar made more money in the international box office, but still! Let's talk about Monsters vs. Aliens!

Every Day Animation is joined today by Hugo-nominated video essayist and author, Lindsay Ellis, to give Monsters vs. Aliens the long-overdue love it deserves.

And if you are watching along with us this month, oof, get ready, because we are talking about that anime middle-aged people watched when all the other tapes were taken out at West Coast Video: Dominion Tank Police. Yes, the one where police fight crime with tanks and criminals fight tanks with giant, colorful dildos. Screenwriter and film critic, Valerie Complex, will be joining us to weigh in on why this story about fascist cops, androids, and cat girls is actually better than you might remember. We'll see you there.

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