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The Duneiverse is expanding! New books & comics coming to spice up Dune world ahead of upcoming film

By James Comtois

The battle for the spice lives on! As we await Denis Villeneuve’s feature film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi literary classic Dune, authors Brian Herbert (Frank's son) and Kevin J. Anderson, along with some esteemed editors, have revealed that fans can expect several more works taking place within the ever-widening world. Yes, in addition to the ones we already know about.  

Speaking at today's Dune publishing panel for Comic-Con@Home 2021, Anderson introduced Christopher Morgan, editor of TOR Books, who announced that the publisher will be releasing a “brand new collection of Dune novellas,” tentatively titled Sands of Dune. No details on when in the Dune universe (or Duneiverse) these stories take place, or what they focus on; Morgan only said the anthology is set to be released “sometime next year,” adding that the collection is “still in the early stages.” 

Watch the full panel here.

In the meantime, Morgan said that the Caladan Trilogy –– started last year by Brian Herbert and Anderson with Dune: The Duke of Caladan –– will continue this year, with the second novel, Dune: The Lady of Caladan, which is set to come out Sept. 20, just ahead of the film's Oct. 22 release. The prequel trilogy focuses on Duke Leto, Lady Jessica, and young Paul Atreides, and leads directly to the events in the original novel Dune.

And when Morgan noted that the third and final book in the trilogy, Dune: Heir of Caladan, is scheduled to be released Oct. 18, 2022, Anderson interjected with: “But wait! We haven’t even written it yet!” Of course, he later added jokingly that he and Brian have “never been late on a single” book they’ve worked on.

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In addition to more books, the panel also unveiled some upcoming comics that Dune fans can expect in the next few months. Anderson and Herbert introduced editor Charlotte Greenbaum of Abrams Books. She announced that the illustrative team behind the immensely popular Dune: The Graphic Novel, Book 1, Raúl Allén and Patricia Martí, is “hard at work” on Book 2, which is scheduled to be available next year. It will be the second of three books based on the original novel and adapted by Brian Herbert and Anderson. Anderson mentioned that working on the graphic novel gave him an even greater appreciation for everyone who has tried to adapt the material over the years, as there have been many. 

Greenbaum also announced that Book 2 is scheduled to be available July 2022. But before then, a deluxe edition of Book 1 will be available this October.

Finally, Jonathan Manning, associate editor of Boom! Studios, broke the news that the comics studio was set to release a graphic novel adaptation of A Whisper of Caladan Seas, the first short story based in the Dune world (we're not using "Duneiverse" again) that Brian Herbert and Anderson wrote together. Taking place during the events of the original Dune novel, A Whisper of Caladan Seas centers on a group of Duke Leto's troops trapped in a cave on Arrakis (aka Dune). The graphic novel illustrated by Jakub Rebulka is coming out Dec. 29.

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