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SYFY WIRE Red Notice

Dwayne Johnson loves the idea of a Wonder Woman and Black Adam crossover

Though adding Deadpool into the mix may be a step too far.

By James Comtois
 Red Notice Still

While fans will get to see Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot sizzle with on-screen chemistry in the Netflix film Red Notice next week, they may be wondering why Warner Bros. doesn’t take advantage of the fact that these two actors both headline DC film franchises. 

Or, who knows? Maybe fans haven’t been asking that. But Variety has. And the producer of Black Adam is certainly considering it. And so is Johnson. 

Speaking with the media outlet on the red-carpet premiere for Red Notice, producer Hiram Garcia said that a crossover between Johnson’s Black Adam and Gadot’s Wonder Woman is certainly a possibility — and one he’s eager to make happen. 

"We gotta see them together somehow," Garcia said. "To see Black Adam and Wonder Woman share the screen is going to be pretty awesome. I honestly feel like Wonder Woman is one of the few superheroes that can go toe-to-toe with Black Adam."

When Variety posed the question to Johnson, he also seemed interested. “I think there’s a crossover with Black Adam [and] Wonder Woman,” he said. But he took it a step further: Johnson believes there should be a crossover between his character, Gadot’s, and Deadpool, played by their fellow Red Notice co-star Ryan Reynolds

"I turned to Ryan [Reynolds] and Gal [Gadot] and I said there should be a crossover between Marvel and the DC Universe,” said Johnson. “We can be the ones to possibly make it happen. So, we’ll see. We'll see what happens."

At the same event, Entertainment Weekly asked Gadot if events in the upcoming action-thriller would go differently if she and Johnson could instead play their respective DC roles, and she considered it “the best question ever,” telling the publication that Diana Prince “would never be caught” and “do everything by herself, and hate the boys even more.” 

Johnson, meanwhile, speculated that Black Adam “would react wonderfully,” adding that “it would be a quick movie,” thanks to the character’s strength and agility. 

But can a showdown and/or team-up between Diana and Black Adam be in our not-too-distant future? As Variety suggested, if anyone can make it happen, it’s The Rock. So, as Johnson said, “We’ll see.”

In the meantime, Red Notice debuts at Netflix on Nov. 12, while Black Adam hits theaters July 29, 2022.