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WIRE Buzz: Echo Boy getting Undone makeover; Monstrous trailer; Willow sequel series

By Jacob Oller & Nivea Serrao
Monstrous hed

Welcome to the rotoscope renaissance! Does two projects make a renaissance? Well, it's cool nonetheless that the sci-fi novel Echo Boy is being adapted into a animated/live-action series by Submarine, the same company that turned Amazon's Undone into a beautiful and weird piece of trippy art.

According to Deadline, the Matt Haig book — about a malfunctioning robot murderer and the fallout between human-robot relations left in its wake — is getting a similarly stylish treatment courtesy of soon as they find a writer to handle the female-led 2115-set murder mystery. Currently, a handful are being auditioned for the job.

“It’s set 100 years in the future and the world that Matt Haig describes is very striking and unique and we think with animation we have the chance to make something that is visually stunning but still has the intimacy of the actors,” said Submarine co-founder Femke Wolting.

Echo Boy does not yet have a release date.

Harry and the Hendersons may go running for the hills after watching the first trailer for the upcoming Bigfoot horror film Monstrous.

Director Bruce Wemple takes a pair of women to the Adirondacks in search of a missing friend. What they find is a pretty mean missing link. With plenty of gore and cryptozoology, Monstrous looks to bring a schlocky creature feature to Whitehall, New York.

Take a look:

Honestly, Bigfoot might be the least of their problems. The film stars Anna Shields, Rachel Finninger, Grant Schumacher, Hannah McKechnie, Catharine Daddario, Dylan Grunn, Peter Stray, Rick Montgomery Jr., and Thomas Brazzle — all of whom presumably get pretty roughed up, if the trailer's anything to go by.

Monstrous hits on-demand and DVD on Aug. 11

Finally, Disney+'s Willow sequel series' journey to the small screen is well underway. 

Director Ron Howard (Solo: A Star Wars Story) discussed the project during an interview on SiriusXM's Andy Cohen Live (you can hear the clip below), revealing that scripts are already being written for the show's potential first season. 

"It's in very active development," said Howard, who also directed the original classic fantasy film which was released back in 1988. "There's no green light there, but I'm very optimistic." 

Writer Jonathan Kasdan (Howard's Solo: A Star Wars Story) is penning the pilot for the new series — on top of leading the show's writers' room. 

The movie tells the story of conjurer Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis), who becomes the protector of an infant named Elora Danan after he finds her floating in a river. She's the target of Queen Bavmorda (Jean Marsh), the evil sorceress who believes the child is at the center of a prophecy that predicts her downfall. In order to keep Elora safe, Willow teams up with a reluctant warrior named Madmartigan (Val Kilmer), with the duo working together to save the baby and overthrow the wicked queen. 

George Lucas (Indiana Jones) actually came up with the idea for the 1988 film before he made Star Wars, but only produced it once he'd completed the original trilogy.