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SYFY WIRE Enola Holmes

It's a mother-daughter team-up in new trailer for 'Enola Holmes 2'

The second trailer for Enola Holmes 2 is all about what the young detective learned from her mother.

By Matthew Jackson
Millie Bobby Brown and Helena Bonham Carter in Enola Holmes 2

The first Enola Holmes film was in many ways about the connection between the title character (Millie Bobby Brown) and her mother Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter). Though Eudoria wasn't in the film all that much, the narrative centered on Enola's search for her mother, which turned out to be a journey of self-discovery which led to her realization that she should be a detective. Now, with Enola's chosen profession firmly in place, Enola Holmes 2 seems all set to deliver a mother-daughter team-up adventure.

Netflix released the second trailer for Enola Holmes 2 Tuesday morning, and billed it as "Part 2" of the teaser cycle that opened with the first trailer just a couple of weeks ago. While that trailer was a bit more focused on Enola's struggle to get her new detective agency off the ground, and her ongoing headbutting with her brother, Sherlock (Henry Cavill), the second trailer takes a different approach.

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Check out the trailer below:

This time around, we see that Enola's first major case as a budding new detective is heavily focused on helping a group of young woman suffering poor conditions in a workhouse, and that it's all connected to some vast conspiracy which also involves Sherlock's own most recent case. Then, of course, there's the return of Eudoria, the woman who taught Enola how to figure out who she is. This time, mother and daughter are both thrown headlong into the adventure, complete with carriage chases, fist fights, and some good old-fashioned parental encouragement. 

The first Enola Holmes film, based on the book series by Nancy Springer, arrived in the fall of 2020 while many people were still stuck at home, looking for new entertainment options. It quickly proved to be a hit for Netflix, which led to a sequel reuniting Brown, Cavill, and Carter. Throw in returning director Harry Bradbeer and returning screenwriter Jack Thorne, and you've got what looks like another hit for the streamer.

Enola Holmes 2 arrives Nov. 4.

In the mood for some serious sleuthing? Sherlock Holmes is now streaming on Peacock!