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This 'Escape Room' has killer lasers in exclusive clip from thriller sequel 'Tournament of Champions'

By Nivea Serrao
Zoey Davis and Ben Miller in Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

If surviving wasn't already hard enough the first time around, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is upping up the ante for the next string of killer (literally) puzzles. 

The sequel to the 2019 film Escape Room once again gathers a group of people to take part in a deadly series of escape rooms from which only one of them will emerge a victor. The twist? They're all survivors of previous escape rooms designed by Minos — the organization behind all this — and this time, there's no avoiding their possible fates. Only one of them will survive.

Though, as the trailer for Tournament of Champions previously revealed, there just may be a way out for all of them. If all goes to plan, two of the survivors might actually bring down Minos. Of course, they'll have to survive first.

And as the exclusive clip (below) makes clear, having some experience with how things work doesn't quite help because the challenges have gotten trickier and a lot deadlier. While trapped in a bank heist-themed room, the "players" involved are quickly learning, it's not just about figuring out the clues, it's also about dodging the danger that lies at every turn, and watching your step is crucial  — especially when there are lasers involved. 

Tournament of Champions stars Taylor Russell (Lost in Space), Logan Miller (Guardians of the Galaxy), Indya Moore (Queen & Slim), Holland Roden (Teen Wolf), Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan), Carlito Olivero (Step Up: High Water), Thomas Cocquerel (The 100), and James Frain (TRON: Legacy).

Adam Robitel (Insidious: The Last Key) returns as director, with Will Honley and Maria Melnik & Daniel Tuch and Oren Uziel penning the screenplay, with a story by Christine Lavaf & Fritz Bohm.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions will arrive in theaters nationwide on July 16.