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Every Day Animation Day 1: Dexter's Laboratory

By Dany Roth
dexters lab

In October of 2018, SYFY WIRE took on the daunting task of putting out a new podcast with a different guest each time talking about at least one horror movie every single day. 31 days. 31 podcasts.

It turns out, people liked it.

So, much like Mayor McCheese did with McDonald's, we're franchising. That's the 100% true story of McDonald's, by the way. Definitely don't bother looking it up. 

Starting April 1st (April Fool's, what could go wrong?), that Halloween podcast, Every Day Horror, is transforming into an ongoing series. Every other month we'll tackle a new genre/topic/wildebeest for every day in that month. New guests. New stories. New insights.

Our first new podcast is Every Day Animation. And that first episode is available right now! It features the creator of the YouTube series, Brows Held High, Kyle Kallgren.

The cartoon in question is Cartoon Network's first entry into its Cartoon Cartoon series, Dexter's Laboratory. It was one of the only cartoons Kallgren had access to growing up. So what's the story there? And what is the story of Dexter and his lab? Why is his a story that has endured and how did a joke about a cheese omelette become iconic?

The only way to know is to rewatch along with us and share in the conversations we have. Give yourself permission to act like a kid and enjoy some cartoons with us for a little while every day. And if you want a little lead time, tomorrow's episode will be the Wes Anderson film, Fantastic Mr. Fox, featuring the host of the Madam's of the Universe stand-up comedy series and of the Bad Romance Podcast, Jourdain Searles. We'll see you there: same 'toon time, same 'toon station.

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