Everybody’s Freaking Out About: The Clone Wars premiere and... toast in Animal Crossing

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Everybody’s Freaking Out About: The Clone Wars premiere and... toast in Animal Crossing

Everybody's Freaking Out About 2/21

Welcome to Everybody's Freaking Out About! Since everything these days is either a spin-off or a reboot, we thought we'd do the same with this week's edition. We're here to give you a look at all the things fans were freaking out about over the past week. Strap in!

We're digging into the things that really stuck in fandom's collective craw — the things that had fans all-caps-key-smashing in anger, joy, excitement, or some combination of those things. There were probably tears. No, scratch that, there were definitely tears.

This week, honorable mention goes to the new Westworld trailer that looks, as expected, snazzy as hell. But it didn’t capture the internet’s adoration the same way our other two topics did. We’ll mainly be focusing on the new Animal Crossing announcements and — drum roll, please — the season premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons details…

Museums! Travel! Toast! Nintendo revealed some brand new details about its upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and needless to say, Animal Crossing fans are losing their freakin’ minds over all the, uh, new horizons (eh? eh?) they’ll be able to explore.

Players can choose to live in the world’s Northern or Southern hemisphere, can manipulate cliffs, build bridges, and make paths, and folks are just generally screaming about how cool the new museum looks.

Honestly, for my money, there are few things purer in this online world than the Animal Crossing fandom. When I mentioned toast earlier? Yeah, they’re truly excited about that, too. It’s fantastic.

The other big thing about this Animal Crossing reveal that we must mention, though, is that Tom Nook, a long-time character in the series and a raccoon, was the character chosen to “make the announcement.” Isabella, a dog-like character and a fan-favorite, had the honor last time. People missed her, with some fans accusing Tom Nook of treachery. (Some people missed her… more than others, too. We’ll leave it at that.) 

The Clone Wars premieres…

Yes, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is back for its seventh and final season. And the first episode, “The Bad Batch,” is all about the Clones. For good reason. The Clones are the heart of the show, so it’s only appropriate to make them front and center.

Fans were understandably excited for the show’s return and it certainly was a triumphant one. No, there’s no Ashoka (we’ll have to wait a few weeks for her to pop up once the Siege of Mandalore storyline begins) and very few Jedi in the mix, but that almost makes it sweeter.

 Of course, there was some confusion about why all of Season 7 isn’t available from the get-go. In short, streaming culture has spoiled us. Unlike other streamers such as Netflix and Hulu, Disney+ has taken to dropping episodes once per week. So, no, you can’t watch all 12 episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 right now, but, look on the bright side: You’ll be getting a new Clone Wars episode every week for the next couple of months. Now that is something to freak out about.

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