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A beast born of genius? Everything you didn't know about Street Fighter: The Movie


Video game movies have had a bad reputation in Hollywood for decades, thanks in part to films like Street Fighter. This live-action adaptation of Capcom's hit video game franchise was unleashed upon an unsuspecting public in 1994 during the height of Street Fighter 2's popularity. This film is a treasure trove of unintentional hilarity, but perhaps that was director Steven E. de Souza's secret weapon: 25 years later, Street Fighter holds up better as a comedy than it does as an action movie.

The late Raúl Juliá battled cancer while filming his role in the movie, but that didn't stop him from delivering a deliciously evil performance as M. Bision, the iconic video game bad guy. Bison's lines and Juliá's unhinged delivery have given us memes for the ages, especially "For me, it was Tuesday."

Then there's Jean-Claude Van Damme, who was practically a video game character come to life even before he was cast as Guile. Van Damme was the inspiration for Mortal Kombat’s Johnny Cage (and his likeness was nearly featured in the game!) before eventually landing the lead role in this film. Amazingly, Van Damme is either giving a pitch-perfect parody of his earlier action roles or he simply fits in perfectly with the film's over-the-top tone.

Behind the scenes, there were a few neat touches, like Adrian Cronauer delivering the "Good morning, Vietnam" reference. Capcom also had a lot of influence on the movie's creative direction... which makes us wonder how it veered so far off from its source material.

For more details about this masterpiece of a film, watch above or below!