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‘Evil’ producer reveals if we’ll see a Season 2 time jump, and promises a twisty exorcism to come

By Trent Moore

The CBS series Evil was a sleeper horror hit last year during its first season, and production is well underway on Season 2 — and it sounds like there’s an exorcism brewing.

The show stars Mike Colter (Luke Cage), Katja Herbers (Manhattan) and Aasif Mandvi (The Daily Show) as a team of investigators who look into the weirder, scarier cases for the Catholic church. 

Executive producer Robert King told TV Line the new season will find recurring baddie Leland Townsend (played by Lost alum Micheal Emerson) seemingly seeking out help in the form of an exorcism. Which makes sense, considering we’ve seen him literally working with the devil a time or two during the show’s first season. 

“Leland comes to the church saying he needs an exorcism, because he sold his soul to the devil,” King said. “It’s a question of whether it’s a con or whether it’s real. And if it’s a con, is he trying to manipulate us? And why?”

As for when the new season will pick up, King said fans shouldn’t worry about a big time jump in the wake of the Season 1 cliffhanger that saw Herbers’ Dr. Kristen Bouchard burned by a crucifix in the closing moments. Well, Season 2 will find us dealing with the waning moments of that shock, as King promises they “feel chronology is drama,” so they have no intention of skipping past it when the show returns.

Sadly, no word yet on when Season 2 will kick off — though they’re currently filming the 12th episode of the new season, so production is on the back end and fairly close to wrapping. So hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for CBS to drop a premiere date.

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