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Exclusive: Dive into Aquaman featurette on unique fighting styles and action scenes

By Josh Weiss
Aquaman Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson

There's no denying that Aquaman is full of amazing battle sequences, but a new featurette (soon to be released on the physical home video) will make you appreciate just how much thought and effort went into them.

Titled "Villainous Training – Fight Choreography," the video takes a deep dive — pun intended — into the different fighting styles of Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa), King Orm/Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson), and Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II). 

"Because there's numerous characters in here, we start out with the drill process to see what their strengths and weaknesses are," says the movie's fight coordinator Jon Valera in the featurette. "That's how we choreograph their fights."

Check it out below:

Because Momoa is such a jacked dude, the filmmakers wanted to play up his "brute strength" and make him come across as a "barroom brawler." Orm's moves, on the other hand, are much more fluid, a byproduct of both living underwater and being taught the fighting techniques of Atlantis. And finally, Black Manta, who is a vulture-like pirate, has a much scrappier, street-level fighting style.

“This really was uncharted waters," Wilson said at a recent event for The Art and Making of Aquaman with the book's writer, Mike Avila. "I jacked my finger up on the first take of the first stunt and didn’t say anything," he added during another part of the discussion.

Aquaman, currently available for digital download, hits physical home video March 26.