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Exclusive: Sneak peek at the killer croc lurking in new horror flick 'Black Water: Abyss'

By Jacob Oller
Black Water: Abyss still

From its first trailerBlack Water: Abyss --  the follow-up to 2007's cult croc classic, Black Water — has looked to follow in the original's reptilian-creature-feature footsteps. Returning director Andrew Traucki is sending his hapless stars to a remote cave system in Australia, putting the would-be explorers in harm's way, not only from nature's labyrinthine locale, but from some of the most deadly creatures on the planet: killer crocodiles.

SYFY WIRE can now debut an exclusive clip from the film, showing off its heroes trying to enjoy some simple spelunking. Hopefully, for the sake of the cave dwellers, no crocs attack while they're down in the dark... but yeah, right. The cast scampers and climbs to avoid a few attacks by the skin of their teeth. And speaking of teeth...

Take a look:

That was close. Too bad they're still stuck underground in the wet with some critters that thrive in that environment. Humans? Not so much. The unexpected Black Water series is going to keep inventing terrifying situations in which the approaching animal is just ONE of its characters' worries.

The film, co-written by John Ridley and Sarah Smith, stars Jessica McNamee, Amali Golden, Luke Mitchell, Benjamin Hoetjes, and Anthony J. Sharpe.

Black Water: Abyss hits select theaters and on-demand Aug. 7.