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SYFY WIRE Invasion

Exclusive: First look at Apple TV+'s ‘Invasion’ promises drama amidst a ‘massive alien invasion of Earth’

By James Grebey
Invasion Apple TV+ Sam Neill

Chances are you’ve probably got some drama going on in your life. Hopefully it’s nothing too crazy, but there’s probably something — a relationship, a job, school, something. Now imagine that you’re dealing with that drama and also aliens have invaded Earth.

That’s the premise of Apple TV+’s upcoming sci-fi series, Invasion, as detailed in a new first-look featurette SYFY WIRE can exclusively debut. 

Invasion, from Simon Kinberg (producer of Deadpool and The Martian) and David Weil (Amazon’s Hunters), follows a diverse cast of characters around the globe as all of them deal with the ramifications of a mysterious, destructive, and life-changing alien arrival. Think War of the Worlds, but with more of a micro-focus on the people on the ground.

“This show is a drama set against the backdrop of a massive alien invasion of earth,” Kinberg says in the featurette. “All of our characters are outsiders dealing with their own version of alienation we want all of these emotional stories magnified by this global traumatic event.”

Check out the exclusive first look below:

Some of these characters include a close-to-retirement sheriff (Jurassic Park's Sam Neill), a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan, a Syrian immigrant mother (Golshifteh Farahan), a British schoolboy (Billy Barratt), and a Japanese aerospace technician (Shioli Kutsuna). The series tracks how this Earth-shattering event affects them all, as the alien arrival ripples across communities large and small.

Invasion is only the latest big sci-fi swing from Apple TV's line-up of original projects. The up-start streaming service is already home to Ronald D. Moore's acclaimed alt-history NASA saga For All Mankind, M. Night Shyamalan's twisted horror series Servant, as well as the big budget Jason Momoa vehicle SEE. All of those series have new seasons either airing now or in the works. The massive sci-fi series Foundation, based on Isaac Asimov's book series, is also rolling out new episodes this month.

The first three episodes of Invasion will air on Oct. 22, and the rest of the 10-episode series will premiere weekly on Fridays.