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SYFY WIRE Yetide Badaki

Exclusive: In Hollywoodland starring Yetide Badaki trailer reveal

By Preeti Chhibber
In Hollywoodland Yetidi Badaki hero

We are so excited to reveal the trailer for In Hollywoodland, written by and starring SYFY FANGRRLS resident favorite Yetide Badaki. Directed by Jessica Sherif, In Hollywoodland is a dark fantastical short film that follows an actress Zodwa (Badaki) as she heads toward an audition that could change her life.

Instead, she falls through a looking glass and ends up in Hollywood — but not Hollywood as we’ve ever seen it before. Zodwa must deal with characters like the agent RABBIT, the casting director QUEENIE, the studio head CATERPILLAR, and the director HATTER.

Badaki is joined by a stellar cast, including Karen David (Fear the Walking Dead), Luke Youngblood (Harry Potter), Jen Richards (Mrs. Fletcher), and Dom Burgess (The Good Place).

Check out the exclusive trailer below: 

In Hollywoodland premieres this week at the Bentonville Film Festival, tickets available right now.