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Exclusive: Go behind the scenes of the Falcon in Making Solo: A Star Wars Story

By Trent Moore

The latest Star Wars film decided to jump a few decades into the past by looking at the origin story of young Han Solo — and we have some behind-the-scenes peeks at how it all came together.

SYFY WIRE can debut five exclusive behind-the-scenes shots from Industrial Light & Magic Presents: Making Solo: A Star Wars Story, a new book taking a deep dive into the production of the Star Wars prequel film. The book is set for release on April 16 from Abrams Books, and looks at everything from the fresh and new Millennium Falcon to the ingenious aliens we met along the way.

The book is as an inside look at production from the view of visual effects supervisor and co-producer Rob Bredow, complete with a foreword from award-winning director Ron Howard (who shepherded the project to completion following the exits of Phil Lord and Chris Miller). It follows the behind-the-scenes process from preproduction all the way to the screen, chronicling how all those wild planets, vehicles, and spaceships came to be. If you were digging the film’s epic set pieces, you’re in luck, because Making Solo features production shots from the Kessel Run, as well as the high-flying train heist on Vandor.

Check out five exclusive shots from Making Solo below, featuring some incredible alien costumes and miniatures.






Along with the exclusives, we also have a larger gallery of shots from Making Solo, including an off-duty Chewbacca, some stormtroopers catching some R&R, and Ron Howard himself calling the shots on the bridge of the Falcon.

Check out the cover, along with some general shots from the book, below: