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SYFY WIRE Pet Sematary

Exclusive: Three haunting, new Pet Sematary posters to give you the willies

By Tara Bennett
Bella Orobaton Pet Sematary poster

Paramount's revving up the buzz for the release of their new adaption of Stephen King's Pet Sematary with three Talenthouse-created movie posters inspired by the grim tale about an animal burial ground that is far from peaceful. 

As part of a global campaign with art networking site Talenthouse, Paramount got artists from around the world to interpret the film's iconic imagery and themes into new movie posters that you may, or may not, want on your own walls.

Paramount will be featuring more designs on their Pet Sematary Instagram feed and wihtin their Pet Sematary gallery on Facebook. For now, we have three delightfully chilling options:

By Juan Ramos:

Exclusive Pet Cemetery poster by Juan Ramos

By Jaren Hemphill:

Jaren Hemphill's Pet Sematary poster

By Bella Orobaton:

Exclusive Pet Sematary poster by Bella Orobaton 

Pet Sematary had its world premiere at SXSW where it received great reviews, as well as plenty of chatter about how the film has changed up a major plot point — much to the ire of some King purists. We'll see how it plays with the masses soon as it drops in U.S. theaters on Apr. 5, 2019.